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Atelier Thomas Pucher

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Atelier Thomas Pucher’s designs arise from meticulous research, grasping the spirit of the site and its context. In this way we create individual, original designs with each project, iconic buildings that stand for themselves. These are not just beautiful; they are also outstanding on a functional level. Since 2005, flexibility has been our key strength. Internationally prestigious buildings such as the OIC headquarters in Jeddah and the Warsaw Sinfonia are as much part of our portfolio as highly functional commercial centres, hospitals, schools and research facilities, elegant villas etc.

As head of the office, Thomas Pucher takes a hands-on approach throughout the building process, carrying full responsibility for the project to its end. He is winner of the Karl Friedrich Schinkel prize, the International UIA prize, ‘Best Architect’ Austria 2011, 12, 13 and 14 and in 2010 the Fischer von Erlach prize.
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