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International Architecture Technical Monograph Magazine target to architects, designers and all others passionate about architecture and design.

Developed through a minimal and singular graphic identity, AMAG project is available in 3 complementary formats: 2 printed and 1 digital application to Ipad:

A.MAG, as complete monograph book made to last and keep at office or private library. A whim that every architects desire to achieve;

A.MAG xs, as a pocket selection carefully made from the contents of A.MAG, full edition. Portable and cheaper, the perfect format to an easy read and the right company to trip;

A.MAG app, carefully developed to the Ipad format, regarding the same minimal and singular graphic identity of the paper formats but taking advantage of the digital capabilities to share audio and video contents. A.MAG app presents in every FREE issue, a carefully selection from the contents of the printed paper formats plus additional contents that may vary between videos, interviews, and additional images.

Passionate about Architecture, Communication and Design in all forms, we appreciate the genuine luxury that only pure essence can reach.

A.MAG to purely represent
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