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A2RC Architects

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A.2R.C was created in 1983 with the will to closely associate art, architecture, and the city. For 25 years our office, evocatively named “Architecture et Construction entre Rêve et Réalité”, has developed projects concerning new construction; restoration and or renovation of existing buildings, ordinary and historic; public and private projects; as well as urban planning and public spaces at the scale of the city. Along with the many Theaters, Opera Houses, Cultural Projects including Museums, Parliaments, and Congress Centers; can be added important housing and office projects. With our encouragement, numerous artists have associated their work with ours, creating installations within our projects in a manner that is enriching for all involved. Our office works closely with all traditional consultants in the construction domain such as structural engineers, mechanical engineers, landscape architects, acoustic advisers, and developers. The office was incorporated in 1993. Since the end of 2007, a new structure was created in order to develop and extend our action in the domain of architecture.
This company is called A2RC ARCHITECTS.
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