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Rather than reporting on the latest doings of the all-too-familiar big names that crop up in all the architecture journals, A10 casts its net more widely to take in the many other interesting things that are happening in the old continent, devoting equal attention to the architectural production in Western, Central and Eastern Europe. With clear and informative reporting, A10 presents new buildings and projects by tomorrow's stars, forgotten masters and as yet unknown talents.
A10 was established by architecture critic Hans Ibelings and graphic designer Arjan Groot in close collaboration with initial shareholder RSM Group. Currently A10 is published by A10 Publishers, founded by Reinhart Reynders and Benno Savelkoel of RSM Group.
The magazine has a network of over 70 correspondents throughout Europe, from Ireland to Turkey and from Portugal to Russia. Thanks to this pan-European network, A10 is often the first to take notice of a new project or building.

With a retail price of € 9.50 per issue, A10 is very modestly priced compared to most architecture magazines, keeping it within the reach of everyone
who wants to keep abreast of what is happening in European architecture.

Recent developments like the expansion of the European Union not only prompt a reconsideration of the geographical borders of Europe, but also raise the question of whether there is, or can be, such a thing as a European culture and, more specifically, a European architectural culture.
Europe has been divided throughout its long history and is still divided today – economically, politically and culturally – yet at the same time the continent is more than ever before in the process of becoming an entity, especially in the cultural arena.
In the world of architecture there is an intensive exchange of people, designs and ideas. Studying, working and building in other European countries and alongside fellow-Europeans is steadily becoming the norm. A10 aims to contribute to this interchange with a magazine that monitors and promotes the many facets of this vibrant architectural culture.
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