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Atölye Labs

Atölye Labs

Architects from Silahşörler Caddesi, Birahane Sokak, No: 1, F blok, Bomonti, ATÖLYE İstanbul, Turkey
At ATÖLYE Labs, we design social objects at all scales. In an age of skills fragmentation and professional alienation, we are curious generalists, and want to tackle the challenge at the appropriate scale.

The project could be an experiential day-long session, a novel interface, a scalable business vision, a tangible product or the volume that envelops us. What matters are the common goal: to bring all stakeholders together, to redefine design at all contexts, to apply systems thinking and to create long-term value.
We believe in interaction and collaboration: among diverse team members, an interdisciplinary community and the wider spectating world. And we believe that through design, one can create new social networks via and around ideas - be it a shoelace, a shared office, a container park, or an educational reform.

Not to forget that good design can only spin out of a good business model, deep empathy with future users, and a good technical foundation. We leverage constraints to make the outcome future-proofed.
Ultimately, our method remains anchored in the tenets of design thinking: to empathize with all stakeholders, to frame problems in a neat way, to ideate without judgments, to document diligently, to value the act of prototyping & making , to have a watchful gaze over the end result and to stay hungry for all the feedback it may receive.

For the visual ones, the values triplet that drives our work is below.

Our Projects
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Silahşörler Caddesi, Birahane Sokak, No: 1, F blok, Bomonti, ATÖLYE İstanbul, Turkey